"I'll take persecution for $500, Alex."

Every single time I type in a blogger address I spell it wrong, mixing around the s and the p, so that the url is www.blogpsot.com. This is where it takes me. Maybe the web lords are trying to tell me something (if anything it's to learn how to friggin' type). Oh, and to my great disappointment, the "Forecast of Jesus" is not a spiritually enlightening weather prediction.


hooray for hollywood


"Have you heard about the Lonesome Loser?"

God bless the Little River Band.

So, I've wasted a great deal of my morning hovering on Myspace
sifting through pages of people with more friends in their networks than the number of people I've even known in my lifetime. Should I feel like a lonesome loser because I do not have so many internet buddies? I don't even have a cool photo of myself drinking with my friends/wearing Chucks, a crazy Halloween costume or both/standing on a beach or an urban jungle rooftop/kissing a cute indie boy in a photo booth. Ah, but I still love it, because it keeps me feeling at least semi-connected. Semi-conductors?

"He's a loser but he still keeps on trying."

ways and means

...or what my neurons didn't filter out yesterday.

1. Jesus died from a blood clot. Oh. That just doesn't pack the same grim punch as death from blood loss. I picture Jesus lying in bed in a nursing home, feeling his legs atrophy from lack of movement and wishing he was back on a boat with his apostle buddies on the Sea of Galilee.
2. "That's my Potsie!" A dog may never think it's a cat, but a cat can think it's a dog, especially if it weighs 25 lbs. and helps pimp out the newspaper.
3. Degloving is really gross. As in removing outer layers of a human hand until the crickety-crackety bones are exposed. Okay, I saw it on a TV drama, but chances are some serial freak wannabe saw it too and is chomping at the bit for a chance to try it out on an unsuspecting young lady, maybe me. It can also happen to humans through horrible accidents, and to cats' tails. No links here, the pictures I found are too disgusting. Just Google "degloving" and you'll get the idea.


14 16 things about me

I was trying for 52, but that just seemed like way too much for any poor souls to read (assuming anyone actually does read this).

1. I'm quiet (disarmingly so, I've been told)
2. I have a small fear of elevators (plummeting to my death! stuck between floors! keanu reeves trying to save me!)
3. I fill in crossword puzzles with ink, even if i have to scribble out letters when i screw up.
4. I bruise easily and blush easily, but never tan.
5. I have a schoolgirl crush on peanut butter
6. I have an all-out love affair with chocolate chip cookies.
7. People who talk too much make me uncomfortable. I never know how or when to break into the conversation.
8. I used to have good dreams all the time, but now I mostly have bizarre dreams or nightmares.
9. I love my cats, but I'm really a dog person.
10. Sappy songs at wedding dances make me cry, especially if the bride is dancing with her father.
11. I save far too many bottles, boxes and bags.
12. I do not have, and do not want, a cell phone, pager, blackberry, or a GPS tracking system embedded in my neck.
13. Lucky number thirteen...I have a half-assed belief in fate, but not even a mild interest in superstitions.
14. I'm not photogenic. Not even on my birthday, when I'm supposed to be glowing.
15. I'm terrible at typing.
16. I don't like talking on the phone, because I can never be sure that the person on the other end of the line is listening.


and so it begins...

Suppose I can find something to talk about...then what happens?