14 16 things about me

I was trying for 52, but that just seemed like way too much for any poor souls to read (assuming anyone actually does read this).

1. I'm quiet (disarmingly so, I've been told)
2. I have a small fear of elevators (plummeting to my death! stuck between floors! keanu reeves trying to save me!)
3. I fill in crossword puzzles with ink, even if i have to scribble out letters when i screw up.
4. I bruise easily and blush easily, but never tan.
5. I have a schoolgirl crush on peanut butter
6. I have an all-out love affair with chocolate chip cookies.
7. People who talk too much make me uncomfortable. I never know how or when to break into the conversation.
8. I used to have good dreams all the time, but now I mostly have bizarre dreams or nightmares.
9. I love my cats, but I'm really a dog person.
10. Sappy songs at wedding dances make me cry, especially if the bride is dancing with her father.
11. I save far too many bottles, boxes and bags.
12. I do not have, and do not want, a cell phone, pager, blackberry, or a GPS tracking system embedded in my neck.
13. Lucky number thirteen...I have a half-assed belief in fate, but not even a mild interest in superstitions.
14. I'm not photogenic. Not even on my birthday, when I'm supposed to be glowing.
15. I'm terrible at typing.
16. I don't like talking on the phone, because I can never be sure that the person on the other end of the line is listening.


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