"Have you heard about the Lonesome Loser?"

God bless the Little River Band.

So, I've wasted a great deal of my morning hovering on Myspace
sifting through pages of people with more friends in their networks than the number of people I've even known in my lifetime. Should I feel like a lonesome loser because I do not have so many internet buddies? I don't even have a cool photo of myself drinking with my friends/wearing Chucks, a crazy Halloween costume or both/standing on a beach or an urban jungle rooftop/kissing a cute indie boy in a photo booth. Ah, but I still love it, because it keeps me feeling at least semi-connected. Semi-conductors?

"He's a loser but he still keeps on trying."


Blogger michellend said...

Hey Amanda,

I'll be a lonesome loser with you. I was checking out Calvin Johnson's friends on Friendster the other day... yeah, kinda felt the same way =)


3:23 PM  

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