ways and means

...or what my neurons didn't filter out yesterday.

1. Jesus died from a blood clot. Oh. That just doesn't pack the same grim punch as death from blood loss. I picture Jesus lying in bed in a nursing home, feeling his legs atrophy from lack of movement and wishing he was back on a boat with his apostle buddies on the Sea of Galilee.
2. "That's my Potsie!" A dog may never think it's a cat, but a cat can think it's a dog, especially if it weighs 25 lbs. and helps pimp out the newspaper.
3. Degloving is really gross. As in removing outer layers of a human hand until the crickety-crackety bones are exposed. Okay, I saw it on a TV drama, but chances are some serial freak wannabe saw it too and is chomping at the bit for a chance to try it out on an unsuspecting young lady, maybe me. It can also happen to humans through horrible accidents, and to cats' tails. No links here, the pictures I found are too disgusting. Just Google "degloving" and you'll get the idea.


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